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What A Hug Will Do

What A Hug Will Do

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This art piece was created by Melanie. She is 18 years old and has CRPS, Dysautonomia, Mito.

"This image is of me and Michael Clifford, the guitarist from my favorite band. I go through so much and I really relate to Mikey, he is my everything. He makes me smile when I can't make myself do it on my own. I had a very difficult surgery this summer, for a GJ tube. Leading up to this I jokingly tweeted saying it would be amazing if Mikey sent well wishes. The surgery went well but it was awful for me I was drugged up and still in so much pain, but at one point I woke up to my phone going off. I learned right there in the hospital that my idol followed me and tweeted me "I hope u feel better x"

That was when I drew this, because I can't wait until the one day I get to hug him. If a tweet makes me smile when I can't even move, I can't imagine what a hug will do."